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The BigDye® XTerminator™ Purification Kit from Applied Biosystems is designed to sequester sequencing reaction components such as salt ions, unincorporated dye terminators, and dNTPs, to prevent their co-injection with dye labelled extension products. Removal of these reaction components allows for more reliable DNA sequencing.

BigDye® XTerminator™ Solutions (55ml) are added directly to finished sequencing reactions (10ml) and vortexed. During vortexing, the BigDye XTerminator reagents capture and immobilize unwanted components. After vortexing, the reactions are briefly centrifuged to move the insoluble fraction of the reagent mixture and the captured reaction components to bottom of the reaction well. The purified dye labelled extension products remain in the supernatant and are injected directly from the supernatant into the Genetic Analyzer. The reagent cost is approximately $1.50 per sample (based on 55ml usage).

XTerminator™ company protocol

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