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Sequencing Service Brochure



Sequencing Service

The Sequencing Centre uses an Applied Biosystems 3130xl Genetic Analyzer (16 capillary) fitted with a 80cm array to generate read lengths of approximately 1000 bases. pGEM and LongRead controls are included on every run to monitor sample processing and instrument performance, respectively.

Chemistries accepted include:

Service charges are sent out through monthly invoices.
Services include:

Sequencing and
electrophoresis: Template and primer are provided together in a total volume of 16ul and we perform cycle sequencing (fluorescent labelling) and electrophoretic separation.
Purification and electrophoresis: Post cycle sequencing reactions are purified prior to electrophoretic separation.
Electrophoretic separation: Samples are submitted for electrophoretic separation only.

Sample submission
Samples can be dropped off in person to the laboratory, sent by courier or mailed. Samples received by 10am each day will be processed in 24 hours. All samples need to be accompanied by a completed DNA sequencing request form and labelled; sample name (<10 characters) and client name please. Please use padded envelopes when posting samples to prevent sample damage.
Data Retrieval:
Sequence data is available from the FTP site within 1- 2 days of sample receipt.
Customer support:
We encourage you to call or email for comprehensive customer support and trouble shooting advice.

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